Dozed off with my machine on my tummy.
Woke up with almost a 1st-degree burn.

Why cant there be slim cooler laptops?

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    There is. Why didn't you buy one?
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    ... I would be more worried about the fact that you can sleep with an notebook on your tummy.
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    Idk, xps13 is cool af.

    If the lid is closed I have to open it to see if the lappy is on. I can't tell that by touching it - it's hardly ever hot
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    @electrineer Got a dell latitude recently. Pretty happy with the performance. But that i7 just burns through.
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    @netikras Wish I had a choice. The company offered only from the Latitude range.
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    @netikras I've got an XPS 13 too. Once I didn't know it was still on in my bag until I pulled it out and realized that it felt like I'd left it out in the sun. Just barely hot enough for me to realize something was wrong.
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