I still don't. I'm stupid but we'll figure out how stupid soon enough lmao

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    That's what I like to hear! *high five*
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    @Jilano gotta be optimus prime in this bitch! Glass is half full, amiright?
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    @Stuxnet I think at this point there's no glass anymore, just a puddle. But hey, we'll find a way!

    Go forth, Stuximus Prime
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    @Jilano yea that's true I dropped the glass a few days ago. Almost forgot about that
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    @Stuxnet The broken glass on the floor as well as your bloody feet should have been a clue, don't you think?

    But you know how to deal with that, just blame someone else. I suggest @Parzi
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    @Jilano I'mma blame that dude that had the YouTube channel and had beef with AlexDeLarge before he left. Forgot his name, but he's definitely the one to blame lmao
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    @Stuxnet I vaguely remember but my memory is as fuzzy as @Root's drinks from last night. Good choice, though!
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    @Jilano Dug deep in the memories for that one lol.

    Damn I've really been here for almost 3.5 years.
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    @Jilano i have been summoned.

    why blame me?
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    @Stuxnet Time flies, eh? We were all younger and happier back then!

    @Parzi Because you had us wait 5h in front of your door.
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    You should be a web developer then JacaScript Boy!
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    @Jilano Younger, yes. But happier? I worked in hell! So glad that’s all over, though I miss having the rant material.

    Also: Still feeling pretty fuzzy. 😓
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