I remember when I was at vocational school, my teacher sat us down and had use start web development with HTML, (HTML wasn’t my first programming experience but that’s a rant for another day) and after I printed Hello World and changed it’s color, I was even more hooked than ever. This is something that’s fun, and interesting and I don’t need to pay to do or be around specific things to be able to practice. I can do this at home or at school and I can make my own programs if I need them, automate mundane tasks, and learn so much more about technology than ever.

And the final thing that sealed the deal was I could do this and make money and not be stuck in a field I would be miserable in. Which was a very important factor for me.

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    I started with HTML too in a shitty ass multimedia class. The ability to make anything is a great feeling lol
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    @Stuxnet yeah it’s pretty good to introduce because as a kid C++ confused me in a lot of ways but HTML was just simple, easy, and a great catalyst of inspiration
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    That's cool, HTML is good to start because anything you do is immediately shown, unlike most programming languages, where most of the stuff happens behind the scenes, and all you get on the screen as a begginner is a console/terminal with text
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    @SoldierOfCode I’d say python and JavaScript are the best intro languages since they are easy and you can quickly do cool/practical stuff and still learn programming concepts.
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