I failed university on a different engineering field because of me being so irresponsible, I wasn’t studying enough and wasn’t turning in homeworks, I kept trying to push myself but eventually got suspended, I think deep down I didn’t like it.

Started working for a call center, first a mobile carrier and then an ISP. Always did my best and it was very rewarding to solve issues but it was clear that I was disposable and management kept rewarding ppl that kept good performance metrics in dubious ways and I got sick of it.

During that time I kept the idea that I was going to overcome the suspension and get back to college but got carried away by life and years went by.

One day I was training a new hire and he was very excited talking to me about websites, webapps, seo, monetization by ads etc. I enjoyed the conversation because I‘ve always been (or used to be) the most proeficient in the use of computers within my circle of friends.

About that time Swift came out and I started thinking about enrolling to software dev. in a different university, made sense to me because ppl always said and thought that I was going to choose that path but it was very intimidating to me. This time I thought the worst thing that could happen was just failing, but still it was a chance to have a better chance at life.

I started strong, I was the top student in programming fundamentals and went above and beyond in the coding challenges, I did well on non-tech classes too on the first semester. From then everything started falling apart, I was hearing a lot of concepts and I did the binary tree shit and everything but I didn’t understand how, or when I was going to use all of this stuff, I wasn’t able to connect the dots I got lost and started lagging behind, the majority of my classmates just did the bare minimum and shared homeworks and I fell into depression, most of the time I wasn’t turning in anything but I managed to bullshit my way until last semester when my depression got really bad and stopped presenting myself and turning in nothing at all, all the bullshit was weighing heavy on my mind I kept blaming myself for being a failure, I had to seek for professional help and thanks to that I was able to save the last semester and graduate by the good will of some professors and a tiny margin.

Now after the university fiasco I was thinking in going back to the call center and face my destiny but an ex classmate referred me to the position where I am now, he told me to learn laravel in order to collaborate so I started doing some online courses and I was like wait... this shit is a breeze and everything makes sense... and that’s the story of how I learnt more in a few laravel courses than on the entire uni, my confidence has been growing up ever since and I feel less intimidated everyday, I’ve been enjoying it so much because I’ve been learning stuff that I can apply right away and I’m looking forward to keep learning, being better and working on this field for many years.

Turns out I wasn’t the failure, the school system was the failure.

Sorry for the long post.

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    so sooner or later you are developer :) atleast your friend suggest you laravel. mine are worst they suggested me wordpress :P
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