From last night:

Decrypting a LUKS volume group from a different install is a major pain in the drinking time. I can’t get this crap working no matter what I try. Ugh.

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    I really pity you... you’re suffering and nobody is there for you to help you.
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    luksOpen /dev/sdX

    Not that hard is it?
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    @pxeger If it was that easy, do you really think I’d be bitching about it? 🙄
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    I always use cryptsetup open /dev/sdax cryptvol mount /dev/mapper/cryptvol whereever

    Also never use fsck on an encrypted vol. Made that mistake once.
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    @superposition @pxeger

    It’s part of a multi-drive volume group, so it wasn’t as straightforward as I was hoping. I’m now much more familiar with lvm.

    I managed to get it mounted this morning, and copied the data off.
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    @Root yeah lvm is torturous sometimes. I'm not too familiar with it as i avoid it as much as possible.
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