Another project done in 3 days


Generates word cloud based on image and text file user given, the default is Lincoln and his speeches.

Doesn’t work on phones, please view it on desktop/laptop

My god I’m a fucking legend

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    @FrodoSwaggins yes, I couldn’t find some website to do it so I became the website
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    I love this! Great job looks awesome
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    If you did it on drugs, it doesn't count.
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    @galileopy I’m bipolar so it’s like drugs
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    @K-ASS no you're not, quit the drugs before they melt your brain.

    Impressive if you really did it sober.
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    My god OP is a fucking legend.

    Favourited. Dope stuff.
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    @galileopy yes I am bipolar
    No I was not on drugs
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    @K-ASS Good job, OP! Now do it with your rants/comments
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    omfg This is really awesome. yes you are legend done in 3 days
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    Wow! Well done!
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    @Jilano not sure if devRant allows access to all personal rants, but it’s really easy once you get the text file
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    @K-ASS Hum, good question. You can always check them one by one, but that would be a pain.
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    Look i dont use machine learning ! Just an good algorithm ! You see not every project need that electricity consummation technology :D

    Just saying :D
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