Side projects..
This describes the shit very accurately.

hope not a repost tho

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    Could also be leaving college with dreams and starting your first job.
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    @Alice retirement homes are very uncommon here.. thank God we are very social, everyone stay with his kids until he goes away
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    Not all of them die.... The good ones still shine and some others end up getting revived and updated (yes... That project I was working on the last few weeks and was using t last night).
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    @Coffe2Code I think its better that they go to retirement homes rather than burden their children and hinder their offsprings lives. Totally selfish if you ask me. I would never burden my aged self with my son, I can take care of my senior shit without fucking up his life in the process.
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    @helloworld I respectfully disagree !!
    My father and my mother suffered to provide me a good life including health care, education and especially love and the great feeling about being a member of family. I will never throw them to a miserable retirement home. I will keep them with me with a decent treatment and I will never feel like I'm burden..
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    @Coffe2Code I respectfully respect your opinion, i just think that it should not be an obligation or your children should not have that burden, you chose to have children and you should respect their lives by not being a pressure on them in your old age. Its ultimately an unselfish gesture I feel as a parent myself.
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    @Coffe2Code You can "return" what they did by doing the same for your kids.
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    @Quirinus if you help me when I need you, but when I'm ok and you need my help can I "return" your favor to someone else? that sounds meaningless. regardless how my parents were I will take care of my children anyway (it's how being a father works).
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    The thing is, you can never actually repay them for bringing you to life and raising you. You can't do the same for them, so you do it for your children, and, in a way, it's kinda like repaying your parents by continuing their line.

    All is fine and dandy with caring for your parents, until they get really old and/or develop dementia and shit. Having to wipe your own parents and watching them degrade to an animal state is soul crushing and really really rough on you and your time and your family.
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    When you keep impulse buying domains for projects that never happen. πŸ˜‚
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    now m actually feeling sad for the side projects πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί (the pic and my actual side projects)
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