i knew i was born to make videogames so i went to find out how they are made and i found they are made by programming, so i knew i need to learn programming.

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    How tf you knew that?

    I still don't why I was born or anything.

    Still figuring it.. not even remotely close to my answer.
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    @F1973 Some people are like that, it's pretty impressive to witness. Same goes for other jobs/passions life firefighters.

    Good on you, OP!
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    Anyway to support you.
    Any running project?
    Or finished projects?
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    @F1973 well... partly probably because i've got aspergers and games were the magical thing which i wanted to know everything about from the first time i encountered the first one. and everything else just felt like a pointless waste of time.
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    @Jilano yeah, well... i think you mean something a bit different. what you're imagining is the actually driven person whose resolve and belief that they'll succeed never wavers and they just keep passionately and systematically working towards the goal. sadly, that's not me. i've been wavering all the time and was never able to really believe that i can actually make it, sadly...
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    @Yggdrasil two running projects, one is a minimalist hypercasual mobile game, which i'm trying to get to the point of release-able mvp, other one is a 3player horror game which i'm currently preparing a presentation about to some people here who are from the industry and might be able to help somehow,we'll see...

    what kind of support did you have in mind? would you be willing to, like, actually help me in making them?
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    @Midnight-shcode Glad you are doing what you enjoy and love :)
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    @Midnight-shcode well If you share a repo and define some issues sure thing😁
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    @Yggdrasil it's been a long time i last tried to use git with unity3d projects...

    ok, i'll try and let you know.
    ... actually, how do i let you know? devrant doesn't have private messages, does it?
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