Anyone know any good PHP/LAMP/Node devs worth a grain of salt?

Someone that can keep up with me?

I’m tired of working alone and having no one to talk to about code and systems.

Looking for friends first and possible future employees later :P

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    Fwiw, LAMP is quite an antiquated stack these days. If you're working on something new and potentially building up to employing someone, you may have better luck finding someone decent if you migrate to a newer stack sooner rather than later.
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    Get a new tech stack.
    All of them fucking horribly suck big donkey cock.
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    @010001111 What sucks about PHP? And even Node can be useful for some use cases, even tho I hate it.
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    Thanks for weeding yourselves out. Lol. I love PHP. I’ve done some amazing things with it. Node too.

    All languages evolve overtime. Keep up with the updates instead of judging a language based on its last release you saw 4 years ago or more and couldn’t get a handle on.
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    @geilt I think you've misread my comment. I ain't judging for your love of PHP. Have at it. You just may find it harder to obtain, and hang onto, good people if you're using a LAMP stack, because like it or not (and whether it's true or not) it just screams *legacy*.
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    @hitzoR @geilt

    Well node is my bread and butter. So nothing against that. I’ve been a PHP dev for 5+ years and the Newest version is okay, not good, not bad, just okay. I can also do awesome stuff in brainfuck... but does that make the language good? I don’t think do.

    My main problems are non existent Standards for native functions and legacy projects. Oh and WordPress. Additionally breaking changes and the urge to always change things by devs.

    Also, there are very rarely any good PHP devs around.
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