According to my previous rant
I watched the movie again, it’s form 1986 and they have car with something that looks like lidar on the roof so 34 years later we have autonomous cars with lidar and we call it innovation. That was so fast.

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    What appears new and flashy is usually just yesterdays ideas rebranded in a slicker package.
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    The challenge is not the sensors (although new camera tech helps autonomous cars). The really difficult part is processing the data from sensors. Anyone can stick a lidar onto a car, but making an autonomous system work is very, very, very hard and they basically didn't get anywhere before modern techniques were invented.

    So no, it's not just repackaged ideas.
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    @RememberMe popwisdom is rarely wise, and I am the master of popwisdom.

    Thats why I'm "wiseCRACK" and not "wiseMAN".
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