Had an interesting time these past few days. Had a customer who, when I left for vacay, was complaining that he couldn't get access to our private package registry. Get back, this issue is still active.

We'd granted access to his github enterprise, and for some reason he wasn't getting the activation email. We spent about 22 hours of customer support time on his failing to help himself before he finally escalated to the standard 40 person IT enterprise tantrum/come to jesus meeting.

Long story short, he had somehow ignored repeated attempts (35 email replies to the ticket chain, 4 phone calls) to get him to check his spam folder. In which, as it was revealed to all the hollywood squares in attendance, there were no less than 35 activation emails from github granting him access. Of course, none of this was his fault. And while screensharing his big brain to god and everyone he decides the problem is now actually Microsoft because their office 365 spam email filtered his emails incorrectly. We of course agreed with his big brain, smoothed over his bruised ego and went about our day.

I mean, fair enough, it's kind of dumb that Microsoft ever spam lists github, but still. I was just a fly on the wall, and he burned all his paid support tickets on the issue, so hopefully we won't be dealing with him again this year.

Also, this is an edge case with our new product line, most of our customers are painless.

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    Its the tipical 'check the spam folder please' case. Lol
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    It honestly amazes me how many times you can tell someone how to do something without them understanding.

    I cringe at how patronizing I'm being and then the next day someone demonstrates that I wasn't patronizing enough. I don't know how these people get through the day. Like, how do they not use the wrong pedals in their cars and kill themselves?
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    Turns out, they do.
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    After acquiring github, microsoft forgot to reset the "pay the informal delivery fee or your emails are 50% more likely to be misclassified" blackmail-spam-filters on the racket that email providers (probably) have going.
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