Don't take everything personally.
- it's not always about you.

It's almost end of the project and my manager is have started to heat things up.
He is daily angry and blast up on me on each sync up.
I used to spend the whole day in angry mood too thinking about how he treats me.
But now I have learnt not take things personally. It's his fault, his issue, his life, his words, not my fault.

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    What if you just fucked up?

    I mean... idk. It's nice to say « it's him » immediately, that's how it works nowadays, but did you reflect on your own work?

    Not saying you did anything wrong though. Just a general trend I don't understand.
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    @WeAreMany Yes I did fuck up a couple of times but not all the times. And I don't think everyone he works with fucked up, but he is still like that with everyone.
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    thats cool you think that way. In my first job I gave 100% still I listen from manager and I cried in washroom but time passed changed my job :) some people are just fucking bastards . ... just do your work and ignore them
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    @WeAreMany I feel you're barking up the wrong tree here. I read "it's *not always* about you" as an encouragement to people who do take most things personally. I see a lot of devs doing that, including myself.

    On the other hand I agree with you that taking it too far (always blaming someone or something else) is problematic in its own way.
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