I'm so over the politics....

System team: So, we've rewritten the entire site and the stats are looking pretty great. We're more than a year into the two-month transition period, and hey, that's cool, no judgement. But now we're gonna hit a license expiration on the old site, so we need to shut it down, or otherwise pay a ridiculously big amount to renew the license.

Business: nooooooooo you can't shut down the old site!

Systems: but nobody is using it

Business: yes, they are

Systems: no, they're really not, we checked and everything

Business: ...........

Systems: ok, well are you gonna pay for the license renewal?

Business: oh hell no

Systems: ok then we're shutting it down

Business: ..............

Systems: ok, it's down

Business: how dare you! We didn't sign off on that! Bring it back immediately!

Systems: are you gonna pay the license?

Business: no! now bring it back!


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    Don't see the point to get bad mad about it.

    I don't even know why people arguing with their bosses about things like these.
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    If you sign this off (hand over the price sheat for the renewal) we can bring it online, if not the system stays down.
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    I swear I've seen this same rant before. Déjà vu?
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    @SuaveSteve Just the business world. It's full of a million copies of the same idiot.

    Cookie cutter dumbass.
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    Don’t say ”we are shutting it down”
    Say ”it will be shut down” - as if it’s a force of nature.
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    no! no pay! only licence!
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    @SuaveSteve I guess it should make me feel better to know I'm not alone...
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