I wish this becomes the reality.

I remember someone on devRant (who kind of was an insider or knew some stuff) mentioned this thing long long ago on how Facebook is creating a profile for everyone.


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    This implementation was shared by some user here.
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    That's not going anywhere. Instagram doesn't operate in Illinois, and is therefore not subject to a jurisdictional grievance based there. Every terms contains a statement that the user is responsible for ensuring the legality of the application for their locality. Instagram charges no money for their service, so the user voluntarily gave their information in a fashion that was disclosed per the requirements of their place of operations.

    This is just a money grab by some lawyers.
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    @SortOfTested while I don't advocate the devil, I want to hear the argument from privacy dealers on what they have to say about 'user not being aware' and 'company doing illegal and shady stuff'.
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    I think that's the point, honestly. In the US, attaching something to a class action suit before a public disclosure was made is a signal that they have a shaky case to begin with and are just out for money. It's insanely easy to get media support and guarantee a big win, so you have to ask yourself why didn't they if they have this epic legal bombshell.

    If they were concerned with the public well-being, the details would be made public. The fact that they haven't been means that they are hoping they can get facebook to pay them to go away. It's legal blackmail.
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    @SortOfTested lol isn't that obvious?

    Facebook is a massive corp running a show. They have people and teams to manage such crap.

    I wonder how the Cambridge Analytica reached such a massive scale and why weren't they able to suppress it with money, power, politics, and contacts!

    Any marketing is good marketing.
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    > It's legal blackmail

    They will settle for $500 million, lawyers get 25% for their hard work, and the rest to every single instagram user for $5. Of course you might have to contact the law firm, obtain the *paper* reimbursement form, somehow prove instagram has your bio-metric data and used it in some nefarious way. Not mentioning the law firm will require your SSN and send you tax form ABC123 so you don't try to cheat Uncle Sam.
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    I goddamn hope that this becomes reality. Not just because I hope this is true (think so) and hope that they'll get trouble for this but because I always like it when an unethical/surveillance company like Facebook loses money :)

    I think a lot of people know it happens but simply don't care because it doesn't affect them negatively yet (same with Facebook itself and WhatsApp).
    But, they can just keep harvesting data and use it however they want at some point, maybe in 20 years, who knows?

    Also their dark patterns (in the apps/sites) are very unethical.
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