I'm given a simple assignment to update email templates. I tot it would be a breeze.

It turn out SURPRISE! After the updating of template is done. I deploy the code in the development environment.

I tried to access the email template like how the user will see to verify all is good. It turn out i am facing error.

So uhh ok, i went to check the logs to see what the hiccups. It turn out that a table is missing. But this is production code. So my question how the hell did the production environment has the table but dev don't.....

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    Do you use the Foundation Zurb Emaill Stack? It helps develop cross plattform email imensly and makes it less of a pain in the ass.
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    I don't get to choose my own tech stack.
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    @matwx so you have to write 90ties html code by hand? with tables and floats?
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    @heyheni The table i mention above is referring to database table. Sorry if i didn't make that clear.


    Yes! My wk env is using jsp, so is quite pure hard core codes
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    Syncing database schemas is an often overlooked part.

    Especially if workflow is not strictly controlled.

    Is this a table you added your self or are you using some cms, crm or other platform and the dev version is behind or ahead?

    We do have a strict workflow but sometimes we still end up with similar problems when dev is upgraded in preparation of prod upgrade and suddenly you have to do a patch of prod before the big upgrade.

    We have a second dev env for this, but it still can be a problem with local environment :/
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    @Voxera I'm completely new to this app. I only knew its existance when the task has been assigned to me.

    In order to proceed with the task i had to get it working to verify the email templates. But the table turn out missing.

    I agree it could be because of database migration.
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