Warning I get really nit picky in this

I’ve been enjoying my Manjaro experience so far but the only gripe I’ve managed to come across is fucking VS Code. Since I downloaded it via .tar.gz I have to redownload the .tar.gz each fucking update. WHICH WOULDNT BE A PROBLEM IF THE WEBSITE JUST GAVE ME A SOLID DOWNLOAD LINK I CAN USE IN AN AUTOMATION SCRIPT BUT FUCKING NO ITS AN EVENT FOR WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE LINK FOR .tar.gz SO FUCK ANY PYTHON OR BASH SCRIPTS I COULD COME UP WITH,

and before someone fucking says it yes I can use “Code - OSS” (the version on github) which I know I fucking am using it but I don’t like it even though it is the exact same thing, minus text that is supposed to say VS Code and the vscode icon.

Unless I’m retarded and could have updated it with the tar.gz manually or automating it somehow (which I couldn’t find a solution for Manjaro/arch based systems) I’m still getting used to Linux and installing software without a package manager (which I’m still using it but for some things I try to install it without a package manager) so if I am missing something please just ignore my dumbass and educate me.

And if you try to recommend using the Snap store, let me stop you. No.

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