Some of you defended samsung galaxy smartphones, but you’re just lucky to get the right one. In some countries (most of them in fact) including Russia we only have samsungs on exynos cpu, that shit overheats and throttles itself down even when you’re watching YouTube. Lte quality is also garbage, s20 ultra literally loses it on arbitrary grounds while iPhone connection quality is flawless.

If you’re happy with your Samsung, chances are it has a Qualcomm soc, not exynos. Qualcomm ones sold in USA for example.

There is no obvious way to tell what soc is there when you buy Samsung. You’re lucky if it’s in fine print. You have to install AIDA and read from there what soc you’re about to buy.

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    tru dat. Fuck exynos.

    Enjoying my SD855 S10lite btw. Really good phone.
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    @RustyCookie really good only because of Qualcomm smh
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    @uyouthe I only got it bc it has a Snapdragon.
    Was about to buy 1+ 8, but because of lockdowns n shit delievery would take ages.
    So I ended up with this galaxy.
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    Nah just fuck the galaxy phones, I've had a bunch of issues with my s9, files dissappearing etc just general fuckery
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