I working hotfix in prod, small fix but fatal it's about environtment and proxy thing, and I forgot to write in the decumentation, 3 month after that I leave the company.

After some week the PM contact me and tell the developer create some error and make the production down, and the whole team is not going home for 3 days working on that issue.

He offer me some money for helping with the issue, I aggred and they give me some account for access the environtment and code.

I can fix it in less than 15 minutes, but because they cannot fix it I working it for 6 hour, and after that I explain the step for solving it, they seems really glad that I can solve the issue and now the prod is working again..

Now In my opinion, I know I was not a good person, and what i've done is maybe not acceptable.
But for me as a developer, as long I have the credential and access I can read(guessed) how the flow goes and know the environtment that my company use without they explain it or some googling definitly will help right.?

So, what you say about it, What will you do if you got into my situation.?

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    I don't think that's ethical at all, but whatever...
    If you solved the problem in 15 mins, then why charge 6 hours of work?
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    First of all, my memory is generally poor, so chances of me fixing it are very low

    Even if I do remember, I would ask them to do screen sharing and guide them step by step
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    If it's that easy, I would offer a generalized answer to lead then to the solution that any qualified engineer would understand. If they don't have qualified engineers, that's a problem of their own making.
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    First of all, you fucked up for not documenting that shit. I’m happy you admitted — don’t fucking do that again.

    Next, I personal remain loyal to people not companies. And with that philosophy of mine, I find it easy to related with people with no attachment. So, I will send a well documented information about the issue (if I can) and how to resolve it. Considering you can resolve the issue in 15min, it’s worth making up for that shit, write the doc and send it over.
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    Same, a bit of dick move.

    BUT, it all depends on company how they treated you, how you left.

    I had one employer, if they call me, do not worry, I will have no problem multiplying by 6 my time of work.

    Others, I will do almost for free.
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    @danielgraca more hour more money..
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    @NoToJavaScript I understand your point, but if they treated me like garbage then I would kindly say it's not my problem anymore

    @sarafe well... like I wrote before: not ethical at all
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    @danielgraca Yep, I get it, but why not to make some $$$ doing 1 day work and billing a week ?
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    Ask yourself this:

    "Would my employer exploit others for monetary gain?"

    Always adopts similar ethics or you will be the one exploited.
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    @Inxentas monetary gain? Yes, but no exploit in my case..
    It just not documented and the other developer cannot solve it.
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