I'm a 3rd generation developer in my family, my grandfather did it, my father did it, and my grandson will do it.

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    Hopefully your daughters too, if they want 😘
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    @SortOfTested yeah the big difference is they've got a choice, we guys in this family have some kind of gene that make us incompatible with people. Amazing that we still reproduce.
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    Such cool genes that were passed on
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    That's what I find funny. The first ever programmer (Without actually ever running the program) was Ada. At least for me.

    Girls need to get into it !!

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    @NoToJavaScript really, do they? My wife is learning to code at the moment and that's great. But is it making her better? Economically yes, but otherwise not really. When I see a library do I care if it is written by a man or a woman? Not really.

    This women need to get into code is sexist bull crap. Coding is open to anyone. Who ever does it does it.
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    @TheCommoner282 I agree, it does not matter !

    I'm just suprised that so few girls want to do coding.

    It's fucking 9-5 job with great sal;ary and A/C office. (Or home)
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    There are actually answers to that question. But those require the assumption that there is a genetic difference between the sexes. Quite the dangerous proposition in 2020.
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    @TheCommoner282 Well, dude, that is a dangerous topic.
    But I can give you anti-example. The first EVER company I did my internship with. (So for context, technology was : Cobol / Java 1.3 (yes without generics) and … IBM RAD with WebSphere…)

    In the team of 15, there were 12 women!
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    My answer won't be posted. Can I post another answer? Is there some keyword filter that denied me to post it?
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    Now that's interesting
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