Fuck IIS

The documentation is crap. Most useful information is from forum posts from 2009. I just want a bit of customizable logging for fuck sake.

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    Add nlog to your project ?

    App insights ?

    New Relic ?

    Any other of 1000 ways existing and almost free
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    It's a pretty old paradigm. The type of mechanisms it implements are usually better done in a distributed fashion nowadays.

    Though I would also suggest serilog or nlog and a log aggregator as well.
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    @SortOfTested I'm a simple man. I see nlog I upvote. Way too cool tis logger.

    I even connected it to app insight to get data from on premise module ! And it was easy to do
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    We use log4net for almost a decade now and it is terrible, but I might have finally cinvinced our main architect to switch to Serilog. We are now slowly rewriting to .net core so now is the best time to do it. As for log agregator we use Graylog with elasticsearch for some time now and are quite happy with it.
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    To give a bit of background...we dont use .NET (well there is one legacy ASP.NET application but we want that to die in a fire).

    We have Python and PHP running on IIS. No this is not by choice. They servers are on an internal private network and they really aren't that heavily used, but they are importantish.

    IIS can write some basic logs which seemed useful but there are documented ways to adjust it but they do not work.
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