"hey come try this good chat program called demonsaw"
5 days later:
developer: "i have no idea why it's so unstable for you only, at this point i'd suggest trying a different distro"
me: *tries a bunch of distros* "yeah all of them are just as fucked"

we went through "well is it DS' config? Is it your kernel? systemd? debian misconfig? libs? hardware? network? other shit running? ulimit settings? does Windows do this too? How about OSX?"

i feel so bad but we have no idea what is happening

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    Cthulu has forsaken your install, nothing logical will come out of it
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    It is written in C++. Maybe there is some low level instruction problem for your chipset?
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    Did you _really_ try different distros because _one_ program didn't work....

    Somehow... This is very disturbing.
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    @IntrusionCM A gentle reminder that you can try a distro live from a USB drive.
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    @irene it's more about the fact that it is a _program_.

    You could debug it.

    You could find the source of the problem...

    But randomly trying out distros is very... dumb.

    You don't even know if it's a bug in the program, a library conflict, a linker problem, a packaging problem....

    And instead of trying to find the source of the problem, you are changing the distro. Most distros have the same library versions, so essentially you are just wasting time.
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    @IntrusionCM I have used Linux for years in various ways. I develop for Linux containers. I do command line stuff no problem. I have never got to the point that I can debug libraries or software if it runs in a window manager. It requires comprehensive knowledge of things that I don’t possess and would take more time than I have to get.

    There have been a few times that I went to take the plunge and been met with a community saying “you must be an idiot for not knowing some obtuse part of the OS”. Linux is a very complex thing and there are tons of inconsistencies between distros and kernels and libraries and window managers and etc. One little thing is off and I’ll probably never find it. I can’t shortcut to experience but I also don’t have time to get experience.
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