I need an advice!
I'm a back-end dev with 5yrs of experience.

Our team initially started with 7 back-end engineers, and 1 developer was acting as the "tech lead". I was happy as an individual contributor and I enjoyed it a lot. I learned a lot of things.

After 1 year, our team got downsized. All other BE devs got replaced by 2 new engineers - one with 7 yrs of experience who fckin doesn't even know how to google and drop a constraint in DB, and another with "13 years" of experience who's a credit-grabber and all talk.

Now here's my problem. I feel that I've been "unofficially" given the role of a lead developer - the one who needs to lead code reviews, mentor others, decide on the higher level design, chase people for deployment approvals, managing 3rd-party dependencies, and forced to become the "coordinator".

This stresses me and burns me out. I just want the peace of becoming an individual contributor.

What can I do at this point?

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    Simple. Talk to your boss about someone else taking the role or just leave. Health is more important.
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    How long have you been in the new role? If it's been only a few weeks, I think you should wait a few months and treat it as a learning opportunity. If you figure a way to manage, then it's good for you in the long run. If you still feel like it's not the role for you, as @zemaitis mentioned, you should talk to your boss.
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    leave the job if possible. Situation become worst gradually
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