To the Irish devs here, any experience with employers in Galway or Cork?
Most jobs are in Dublin or Midlands but every now and then something nice pops up.

I really wanna move to the west or south in the next 1-2 years but I’m worried about the job market there.

Of course the salary will be lower than in Dublin but I’d assume it’s still very well paid for local conditions?

Dublin is just too international for me, I like the quieter, more traditional counties better..

Don’t hate me for that dubs😉

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    I envy you, regardless.
    I want to live in Ireland. 😢
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    @Root yea, moved here 2 years ago from Switzerland. It’s awesome.. if you get a chance, you should take it.
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    Try being partly remote at an office in Dublin. Twice a week or so take a road trip down to the office, and try to live 1 hour to 90 minutes outside of Dublin.

    That might work pretty well for you.
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