---Me coding away---

ESLint: Hey...

ESLint: Hey... don't-

ESLint: No I think-

Me: Not now bro! This is fine, I need to get this done.

---Months later I go back to clean some things up and I look to see what ESLint has to say----


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    Recently I upgraded a project from angular 8 and eslint is like, error error your life is error....
    Crazy 🤣
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    Fun fact: Linters are actually made to help coders to more easily see bugs or code smells.
    But they can become a useless annoyance if they aren't configured to fit the project's coding style.
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    @Oktokolo So true, I'm certianly going to impose my will in a few cases with ESLint.

    Lots of "I get it but that's not what is happening here and I think that concern is a bit premature / silly."

    Still I appreciate the input and sort of "yo heads up about how this might go" it provides. Especially with projects I mostly do on my own / don't have a lot of other developer input.
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    Hahahahaha fucking seatbelts right??????????????
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