Applied for 4 jobs. If successful in each interview a total of 16 interviews, 6 coding tests as two of the jobs have 2 coding tests. One of those coding tests was to build a frontend and backend from scratch fully united tested implementing part of the product they are building. When I am recruiting I find out everything I need to know in about 2 hours. Does this seem all a bit too much or is it just me ?

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    You can get a job at Amazon with less work. Unless their TC is somewhere in the 300k range, it's a bit excessive.
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    @SortOfTested is a sweatshop
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    If your CV has both js, node, rust, C and C++ then specialization of your CV for specific job applications can help. Altho it seems you already have a killer application if you get this far.
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    "fully united tested implementing part of the product they are building"

    I don't mind small projects as a test. I actually feel like that helped me get a job once / allowed me to demonstrate my skills for a job I got where otherwise I think I wouldn't have stood out.

    Having said that I think it is kinda bad form / suspicious to ask folks to develop something ... really on point / for the companies product.

    Like related to is ok in my mind, but something that is right on point "oh and tested and ...." starts seeming like they want you to start your job... before they pay you.

    It's a fine line but IMO there is one.

    Also without seeing the rest of the codebase / product, how are you going to really know if it fits? Seems like they want you to hit a target somewhat blind too...
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    Did you turn in code that they stole and used in production without giving you a job? I've heard of such things before.
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    They want you to build a frontend and backend from scratch, presumably for some non-trivial project? Meh. I'd take that as an indicator of how they'd value my free time when employed, and pass.
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