Thank you windows update and Lenovo for trying to update my bios and failing in the process.

Now this computer that doesn’t even show bios. Fucking bitch ass pieces of shit.

Stay the fuck away from my bios windows, you shit eating trash of an os.

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    Lenovo's uefi is absolutely untrustworthy.
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    *silently laughs in linux*
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    Well poor choice of hardware
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    @010001111 what is a good choice ffs? Lenovo laptops are supposedly Ubuntu certified.
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    @Sandel3008 what? Disable update? In what planet were you born?
    Windows is a swiss cheese of an os, not updating it is basically saying “hey hackers, get a piece of my ass”.

    I did not know windows update now updates your bios.
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    @TjasPRG this is a relative’s laptop, linux is my main os. So I use Linux as well but I’m not laughing because I have to fix this shit now.
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    Could be that bios is no longer showing up because windows is doing it's "suspend instead of shut the fuck down".
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    Do you have any thunderbolt or other devices plugged in?
    Mine will only boot after the latest BIOS update if not plugged in in the the official dock.
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    @jesustricks I havn't done any Windows updates since February when Win7 support ran out. No malware problems.
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    Bios update is delivered by manufacturer not windows(as per as I know). They use their app on windows to do that. Happened to me with HP as well.
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    @notSoCoolGuy The vendors do ship their updates over Windows update (but not all do).
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    Waiting for Linux fan bois to come and comment

    'Linux best'
    'time to move to Linux'
    'Linux rulzz'
    'Windows suckzz'
    'Billy donkey balzz'
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    @F1973 you should not have said this. Now I'm letting you wait for eternity
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    @rooter Wait for what?
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