Hello everybody. Are there any open source contributors around here? I have never contributed to an open source project but I would really love to get myself involved in this.

I have no ideea on how to get started though, any advice?

P.S.: My main programming language is PHP and I use Silex/Symfony for developing apps.

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    I guess the place to start would be to find a project that you like, and check the repository on GitHub/wherever to see if there are any open bugs/issues you could solve.

    People will love you if you make sure to include tests in your pull requests. ☺
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    Also I just realised that I assumed you already know Git, if you don't, start by learning the basics of that. There's an interactive workshop for Git/GitHub at :

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    @kvsm Thank you for your advice! And I do know git. :)
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    Why not scroll this:


    Lists projects which wants help from new contributors.

    Hmm... Should check this out, myself...
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