I can't share details of ongoing research projects (NDA-esque) which is frustrating because I do want to rant about them.

Let's it just be said I'm frustrated with ROS and packaged built on top of it about five times a week.

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    No! Bad! *Squirts water from a water bottle* Back to research! *Squirts more water*
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    @theKarlisK joke's on you. I just came out of shower.
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    I just noticed typos. Correction:

    1. Let it just be said
    2. Packages
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    @pxeger did you ask that after googling or before?
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    My brief experiences with RoS were many years ago now, but I remember it being little more than a pile of strewn together, often unrelated tools and algorithmic implementations.

    Gave up on it pretty quickly and just used a bunch of centos packages instead iirc.
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    If you’re frustrated with Ross go talk with Rachel
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    @AlmondSauce it has indeed grown in the last couple of years. Coupling with Gazebo and other stuff, it has pretty much became an industry standard.
    Mind you, they still fail to define their architectures concretely, imho partly because they want the robot programmers to define it for themselves.
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    ROS is all about fluff n turtles until your shit has to self calibrate using drivers n code you have to write yourself.
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    Told ya inb4.
    Imma deep in this rabbit hole....
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