So after 11 years of Android development, the only solution for obfuscating app code aka proguard is so unreliable that you will be getting crashing apps in production , for a completely fine app in debug. Wtf

The other option is to use proguard in the debug too, so that you can handle the fuckups in the debug only, but that's going to make your build times jump to 10x slower from an already slow speed of 100 snail years/build.

Fuck you gradle. Ass fuck you proguard.

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    Yep we had tons of crashes from 3rd party libraries just because proguard was obfuscating too much...
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    Why obfuscate? It's not like people will decompile it to anything maintainable and make a clone, or like you are hiding API keys in there (hopefully)
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    > tfw JavaScript does it better
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    Oh yeah i feel you. Now with R8 it obfuscates even more. My app wouldn't go past the login screen because of it. Missed submitting the app for a competition because of stupid proguard/R8.
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    @RobbieGM keys are always in the app (if not the most important ones , then atleast the keys to the important keys, its weird) . Also, yeah you can decompile an apk to get almost exact code if not obfuscated. I personally did so with my own app.
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