My startup's first web app (in staging at the moment)


If you are interested in testing it, please let me know. I will need to add your email to the list. Send emails to support@codecrow.io

Essentially it's a live-streaming chat application for developers and IT professionals. Also has other features like recording live sessions, community video uploads and friends chatrooms.

- Staging is free since it's only for testing. - And beta will be released soon after.
- Currently only for desktop browsers (Firefox and Chrome).

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    Sounds damn cool, is the 404 on pricing intended? Cause if so I'll grab your entire stock
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    @Ranchonyx lol sorry, the app wasn't intended for mobile so there was old code in there causing 404. Fixed.

    Ideally I would like to make this entirely free. But I would need to implement ads to keep the servers running.
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    But I don’t want to sign in with an third party application
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    @010001111 it's part of the future features. I'm laying the groundwork for it now. The app doesn't request for any repo information or anything, just email. You can see for yourself when you login via any of the 3 oauth providers.
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    "I taught my entire class of mutants online, without downloading any software!"
    - Charles Xavier, Professor, Xavier School

    "I may have inherited a fortune, but this platform has helped me make more."
    - Bruce Wayne, Owner, Wayne Enterprises, Inc.

    You got some freaky clients 😂
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    Honest feedback:
    You should invest some time in copy writing. Content is king. And right now all i see is a not so pleasant black backgroud with some miss-spaced icons and an abused font.
    Put in a day in content creation please. Tell your potential user why your service awesome and what he can expect. Put in some pictures/illustration that sells your service visually.

    Look how websites like
    do sell their services

    Add a [Join Now] button at the top that leads to the sign in section with an explanation why you have to sign in.
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    @heyheni hey that's super dope feedback. I really appreciate it. I'll definitely consider every point. Give me a couple days/weeks and I'll try to address everything you mentioned. I'm honestly not the best at design so I will hire a UI genius to make it more pretty and marketable. But at the moment, the initial launch just focuses on functionality. 😅
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    @codecrow You put a lot of effort building it and you want people to like what you did don't you? So please consider this:

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    @heyheni very interesting. I'm going to definitely put more focus into other aspects of the product now. UI/UX design will definitely be the bigger components to tackle. I initially just made a dark-mode themed design lol.
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    @codecrow i mean you do a lot right. Nice name, cool logo, fitting website template. 👍

    It's just the basic sales pitch that is not there yet. But you can fix that quite easily by sitting a day in front of for example google docs writing 😉
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