There are easy things.

Like networking / routing / vlans / subnetting / loadbalancing and simple DNS (as in name <-> IP resolution, not the "other" stuff).

And somehow... People manage to turn it into something so complicated and insane that you cannot even use technical terms to describe it.

Simply because a lot of it was so mutilated that using the technical term to describe what it should do will become the total opposite of what it _actually_ does.

It's somehow terrifying... But might explain my migraine.

We played "Taboo word" for 3 hours straight, all technical terms were forbidden and I think I _might_ know now how it all works.

And I guess we'll have to restructure, rename and rework the whole network loadbalancing setup from bottom to top because

"This is sparta".

I wish I could explain it better.... But how? It's ... Interesting....

When you can't even explain stuff to someone else because you would need to invent and explain new words.

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    I understand what you're trying to say, but I still wouldn't call "networking" as a whole "easy".
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    @Jilano as long as it is _just_ the easy stuff... Internal IPv4 Networking is simple

    You can verify it. You can debug it (eg Wireshark). And it follows simple rules.

    Usually you can just draw a map and generate a workflow diagram of what happens.

    Usually... Unless you pervert it in mind boggling ways by doing stuff the wrong way TM.
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