I miss the old devRant. I truly miss it and I came back thinking it was still the same.

Back in days the community was closely knitted and everyone used to interact with everyone else.

Everyone welcomed new members warmly and people engaged with community as soon as they landed here.

The conversations were deep and meaningful. The collabs actually worked.

Alice used to comment everywhere and people loved her, how Alex used to be always pissed and many such countless memories.

People used to rant. No stupid stuff in feed. Josh writing scripts and I finding ads and then everyone going supporter mode to fund dR.

I made friends here. I used to call this place my digital home.

And then it went downhill. Crap in feed from r/ProgrammerHumour. No rants. People getting busy and I quit eventually.

I came back after a year only to see handful of you left. Good to see a lot of new members though.

However, the community interaction is near zero these days (expect for old bunch who keep interacting like C0D4, Jilano, Stuxnet, and Root).

Rants don't exist now. Some users are highly highly toxic and not contributing positively at all. Fuck your egoistic ass.

No fancy trends of copying each others avatar and requesting Tim to get us new Raven. Or having face reveal threads.

David being active all the time and we all showing off our stickers and squishy balls.

Fun times. How much I fucking miss that.

Neither people now are helpful nor supportive. I miss old community and culture of devRant.

The charm has been lost. The home is empty with most family members are away.

Fuck the new toxic delicate culture here and get me back the old days.

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    That's interesting. I've been here for like two or three years, but I haven't noticed that the change is that drastic. Perhaps I was more in the background in the the beginning, and perhaps staying makes the changes feel more subtle. I don't know...
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    I guess it's natural in many ways - communities evolve over time, and not for the better. I'm a relatively recent member, but still see plenty of good rants from time to time (though hidden behind the "I just repost meme" accounts more often than not.)

    Collabs are pretty much dead in the water though, and have been for some time.
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    Yeah mate, I feel the same.

    What is it you do nowadays? You ain't a tester anymore right?
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    I miss old @irene and @lasagna
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    @uyouthe I miss miss pink (Alice) and is coffeeNcode still around?
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    @ScriptCoded So IIRC, I joined in 31st Dec 2017 and left somewhere in August/October in 2019.

    Things have drastically changed mate.

    @AlmondSauce Yes, I get the fact that this is the natural progression for any tribe and impacts are evident on larger scale, if we look at it.

    @Codex404 Man... I so badly want to catch up with you all. Yes, I moved from Testing and now a Senior Product Manager building a Fintech product with same employer (it's been almost 7 years in same company).

    I recently scored a nice gig in Paris and was sooooo excited to come there, meet and hangout with you all. This pandemic thing fucked up and now I am unsure of what the fate is of that offer.

    I built two products of my own
    pm.prismo.net and tap.prismo.net

    Been actively working on both alongside focusing on a day job. I am loving my job and people are good but want to move out for better growth.

    How are things on your side bro?
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    @uyouthe Yes yes.. I remember the first major fight here happened between fake titty @irene and Pink goddess Alice.

    How depressed he was when we talked on Telegram and

    @codex404 yes I think I saw coffeencode just other day here.
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    @F1973 im doing fine with the whole virus thing. I'm still working as an external developer at a startup. At the moment the boss (also lead dev and service desk) is on vacation, and I am taking over his roles. :'(

    The startup tried recruiting me for 1000 euro a month on top of what I earn now at my employer, but am not interested in staying there. I slowly started looking at other projects but that's been slow because of Corona. If you find yourself in France we should indeed do a Meet-up.
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    Oh and also wrong tags, I’m sorry. There should be a “devrant” tag bc you’re talking about devrant
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    We had a good run
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    @Codex404 Oh that's nice. I mean one must do what makes one happy.

    Yes yes.. I am excited to see how this whole thing turns out to be.

    I want to explore beyond comfort zone.

    Meetup ofc.. what would be the other reason to be there if not for meeting friends and hanging out with them :)

    @Kimmar I miss you and your friend @cozyplanes as I remember you both were building something. Truly we have a great run :)
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    This makes me wanna experience that
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    Oh yes. Although I never was that active, DevRant was truly a helping hand 2/3 years ago when I was still doing my apprentice.

    I was checking DevRant more often than interacting with my colleagues, good times.
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    @Ranchonyx Truly, if you ask any old member, you will get the same response.

    Check the comments here and have a trail experience.

    @010001111 Yes, I agree. Used to spend more time here than in real world.
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    @ScriptCoded It is there. I too miss old devRant. I truly miss it
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    We knew each other closely and you could tell who said what without even looking at username.

    Truly amazing times.
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    @cozyplanes damn i miss that kid.
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    Alice. Damn. The rants she did. Or as most of us knew her. Pink Queen.
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    @Haxk20 Hahahah yes true we can tell just by looking at the writing style.

    Yes, Cozy planes was annoying but youngest and sweetest among us so I miss too.

    The pink queen, who can forget how we fought and got the Raven done :D
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    What happened to Alice? I think I have her on Facebook, but I know nothing about her
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    @crisz I doubt she would be back anytime. She was equally bored so she left.
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    I miss Alice. She was the subject of my most popular posts that pushed me over the line to get my stickers and one of the people that made devrant. She was one of the people that made devRant truly great.
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    I signed up when dR a while back, when the number of users were so less. Way before the supporter program was even introduced. I used to love it here. So much that I uninstalled the app coz I was spending way more time here than anywhere else. The interactions here are fun, way less repeats, and some I remember how there used to be arguments on some silly stuff. I came back just a week back (after 2* years) and I can see a lot of changed. There's way less interaction than used to be. I remember posting something in the night waking up to so many comments and ++'s. The community felt stornger.

    I actually recognise a few users here, and used to be a fan of some of you too. (Idk if you recognise me now, coz I changed my username 2 days back)

    Edit: I joined Nov 2016!
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    @raspark What was your previous username?
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    Outside of the meme reposts and the people using DR as stackoverflow, I still really like this place. I'm kinda new and haven't interacted much with people but some of you are pretty cool, and it's nice to have a more serious but still friendly community of programmers.

    What happened to Jenny anyway? Loved her rants and the one day poof she's gone.
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    @F1973 @PraveenKishore
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    I think some of the charm is gone, David being a ghost is a bit of a bummer. Alice and Alex were fantastic community members. Linux's security rants were always a good read.

    The memes thing is a sore subject. There have always been memes but I think the volume is higher now.

    The app itself is in disrepair. Bugs, crashes everywhere, despite what I assume (or, maybe, hope) are dfox's best efforts.

    I can tell community interaction isn't what it used to be. Somehow the fun was taken out and now it's 80% confrontation when you're in a thread.

    The devRant Twitter has been inactive for like a year.

    Things are just slowing down a bit all around.

    But it's really not as bad as it seems, I am still happy here.
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    The toxically is around the same level as back in the 2018s to early 2019s. Just look at that bullshit drama that happend between Alex and Alice. So many snakes that wanted to be part of that stupid drama, to bully and insult the other part. Without even being part of it, just to "support" one of the 2 members.

    Except from that i do agree, i miss when posts about begging for ++s would get upvoted and be all around the feed.
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    @AlgoRythm couldn't agree more to the fact that 80% is confrontation and charm of interaction has been decreased.

    But I am still loving it.

    @Frederick lol yes. After that drama everything changed.
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    I never really followed things that closely. The notifications were, and still are, way too busy for me to care about them.

    I just liked reading random rants and never really got to know anyone here. I don't feel like this is the platform for that at all. I mean, if you want to "talk" to people and have meaningful threads, come over to ActivityPub (mastodon/pleroma/misskey).

    I'm @djsumdog@djsumdog.com. There are a lot of FOSS devs on various mastodon instances.

    I'm really just on devrants for the memes and Internet points. I'm glad I finally got my double monitor 😅
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    @djsumdog r/memes can be a better community for you.

    Also not sure why the gatekeeping..
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    I agree with this so much I wish we could really do more to liven the community up.
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    Describe the old days. I want to know how to be a part of old devRant.
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    @irene Fuck off irene.. you ain't getting no piece of cake.
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    I absolutely cannot agree to your rant. I experienced the old times, too. I can't say it was better. Alice and Alex sometimes were toxic bastard's. Still they had a bunch of really good rants.
    Today there are still a few good ranters here. And I love the helpfulness of the community. There are dozens of awesome people here.

    I actually really dislike backward people telling old times were better... Blabla.
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    I registered in 2016. Still have an unsticked sticker somewhere.
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    Dang I missed out
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    I joined very recently because after the harshness of SO, the pretentiousness of HN, the posturing of Twitter and the...Reddityness...of Reddit, I saw people just being normal people on here. As far as programmers are normal anyhow. It was interesting to get a little background on the community from this thread. I'm not apolitical but I don't want every moment of my life soaked in gd politics and culture wars, and this seems like a place to talk about coercing computers and dealing with idiots. Sorry I missed the glory days. Sadly, the low level of activity was part of the draw. I feel like too many users here in 2020 and it would go up in red-vs-blue flames like everything else.
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    I miss the real @irene, and his sister and her parrot
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    I agree with you man. Things have become significantly less interesting.
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    @-red because you have been missing.
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    @JhonDoe I’m real Irene now bitch. 🔥🔥🔥
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    @F1973 Ah man. There's been a lot of family shit going on lately. Still ranting though every now and then.
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    @-red rant it out man. It would only make you feel better.

    Good to see you active here. Any updates on that other guy we met?

    His username was @teknas IIRC
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    @irene you’re a joke
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    People grow up, get new responsibilities and stuff. I find this site a documentation of real life. It is sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad. Sometimes ppl share the most unbelieving stuff here.
    Some stuff is toxic, because life is the same. Sometimes we all feel like blowing up. I do not mind. Hell, sometimes something blows my fuse too and I react. Sometimes I want to be funny, but I get misunderstood. That has always been an issue of communication over the internet.

    I like devRant as it is. I just hope it does not get flooded by adds.
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    Saw your avatar and the name started with an F. I was like, someone copied floydian without even knowing about his existence. Turns out, it WAS you !! 😂

    Yeah, missed your rants. I don't contribute much but i do ++ most of the rants 😅.
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    @saas yayaya I am back to rant again.

    Glad about the fact that there exist people who love the crap I post here. This is the highest love I have felt.
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    @uyouthe Oh wow you really kicked the shit out of my feelings.
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    @dotnope I've been on devRant for ~2 years, but I'm also not the most active user (with regard to actual interaction, at least). I am a bit of a recluse and tend to observe and learn more so than put myself out there, however this is mostly due to my personal feelings of inadequacy about my own skills as a programmer, as I have dealt with ADD and poor memory recall all my life, which requires me to repeatedly relearn things that I've failed to retain (it's quite a frustrating experience). Nonetheless, I have noticed the things you mentioned and I agree with your point about the relationship between the size of the user base and general quality of post content.

    I, too, was drawn to this community by its overall calm demeanor and down-to-Earth vibe from users. Hopefully, with proper assessment and action taken by those of us with the sense of humility and comradery that devRant once thrived upon, we can work together toward making this place shine once more.
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    I’m glad y’all are still with us.
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    I partially agree! I still try to post rants and actively engage but the reason why I don't rant a lot anymore is mainly my job. At my previous job, I could tell a lot about what was going on etc, with my current one, 90 percent revolves around secrecy and the stuff I can sometimes talk about would be too possibly identifying mostly.

    Side projects aren't going as fast as I don't have much energy left at the moment so ranting about that doesn't happen often either 😅
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    @linuxxx Illuminati?
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    I haven't been here that long (over two years), but I remember how it was. I miss Alice and I miss Alex. I was more of a listener that a speaker and I enjoyed the interaction between the others. Recently, after a few months, I logged in and was surprised with some of the comments and the responses that I got. It felt different, perhaps a bit toxic even.
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    Online communities don't last long
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    @theabbie why are you back???

    Go play outside with your Barbie doll.
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    @theabbie I think the point is how it changed, not that the community is dead. I'm sure you enjoy to be in the spotlight, but c'mon, give yourself a break
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    @JhonDoe People like small communities because they know the limited number of people and feel there is a bond between them. As community grows, things change. Even Stackoverflow would have been a friendly community in beginning, now it's changed completely.
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    Dial ups needed so much efforts. Those efforts put me in a psychological love hate relationship with an endowment effect. But kids these days, have wifi with passwords saved and just automatically connect without efforts...

    Catch up, old man..
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    I came here when the app was 3 4 months old. Back then it was like a village. Everyone knew eachother, and everyone was friendly. It was awesome.

    Now it's like a big city who you just know a handful of people.

    I wasn't here either for a while so I don't know how it is now, but devRant still better than a lot of places!
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