Question for all the full stack developers out here: which do you start coding first: the backend or the frontend?

PS: It's my first time posting, I love devRant's vibes!

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    I knew python initially, and a little bit of html. I started off doing flask apps, then later expanded to explore more of front end stuff before diving deeper into backend stuff. I find it's generally better to jump between the two.
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    @lucolombo Also, welcome to dR!!
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    Devrant is giving out vibes now? I thought it was stickers?
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    Whichever ticket looks more interesting.

    Really though, backend. I make whatever APIs the frontend will need as I need them.
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    I'm starting to find my self beginning with business process flows ( high level for business shareholders to understand ), then technical process flows with more in depth break downs - probably a BA's job but.... I don't currently have one I can utilise.

    Then I'll build up the data layer, apply the backend code needed for CRUD and then throw up a front end that can start interacting, from there is just chop and change FE/BE until it's built depending on the next ticket that makes sense to pickup.
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    Backend first because fuck the front end; especially that whole react redux bullshit
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    @raspark Thank you so much! :D
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    Front and then back initially, but I usually transition back and forth throughout dev cycle.
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    I do the front end
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