I started sending my resume everywhere so whoever accepts my person first and makes final offer the better or worse ( didn’t decided yet ) for them.
Probably better... I hope lol.
Let the fate decide... it never worked so I hope to not be disappointed also this time and got fucked up et the end.

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    Is you CV hr machine readable (ATS compliant)?
    Here some tipps.
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    @heyheni Employers: DEV SHORTAGE! Mimimi!

    Also employers: automatically discard 70% of the applications without even having read them.
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    @heyheni yeah I know but thanks
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    @Fast-Nop yeah hr processes are nightmare but I rested for 2 months and I’m determined now so don’t care. Can do whatever they want, build planet destroyer or whatever shit they throw at me this year at least lol, there are lots of responses so I’m optimistic.
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    We are in same boat.
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