It’s true

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    Can't Google brain tho...
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    @lamka02sk a lot of people don’t have it and they are fine plus it might get infected you don’t need that
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    WTF! In what world is web search not part of the job? I can understand in some industries, but not in the dev world. Is this teacher real? Are they retarded?
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    @Demolishun dude relax, can’t you see it’s a joke
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    @zombie I am acting out the picture man! I totally have that look on my face!
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    Half the stuff I want to know, either you can't find it online, or the few people who do know it, won't tell you for free !
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    @Nanos then you've come a very long way in your life!

    That or you're training to be a magician, in which case, makes perfect sense.
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    I can do my job without Google. Finding vast amounts of documentation without any web search tool is going to be a tough one.

    The joke has been made a million times. Unfortunately some management is starting to think this as well. Now it gets dangerous.
    A good Google user is not a good programmer. A good programmer is a good Google user.
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    Just remember that you can't Google logic.
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    I tend to think I've barely taken my first step !
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