Don't you just hate when a junior has been assigned a task in the domain you have experience, and instead of asking you for context and approach, the person asks for the EXACT LINE CHANGES INCLUDING THE LINE NUMBERS TO BE MODIFIED? Might as well assign the task to me.

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    I'd make it clear to the junior what his fucking job is - in any case, not delegating his work to others.
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    Dont tell them just run through the changes with them
    Take the time to explain things so they can make the changes themself
    Dont be a dick to juniors - thanks!
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    @ThatPerlDeb I have always been kind to juniors as I have been in their shoes. But you can tell when a junior is putting effort and when they are not.
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    Sounds like maybe the junior is pissed that he has no freedom to do things his own way and is giving u the angry 'OK U DECIDE EVERYTHING THEN MR KNOWITALL'

    Have you tried talking to him/her and showing them some respect?
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    @ArtOfBBQ Most juniors shouldn't do things their way because the junior way is often noobish crap and because of company standards they are not familiar with. That's what code reviews are for. Becoming passive-aggressive as reaction warrants a serious talk about his attitude.
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    @Fast-Nop well OP is saying he makes a deliberate effort to be nice to juniors so it's totally possible that the problem is with the new hire. I definitely would hear him out and find out why he did that.

    It just sounds to me like they're not communicating at all and all the money spent to get that guy hired is about to go in the incinerator because of some minor detail that's unknown to us and can be easily fixed.
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