Fuck the JavaScript ecosystem; Fuck React, Redux, and a big special fuck you to React-Router. And fuck interviews that give week long assignments.

The whole fucking JavaScript community makes the simplest things so complicated just so that they can tell Backend and Mobile Devs “Hey our job is difficult too”; fuck you, it isn’t! You made it difficult. and so that they can write corny emoji-laden medium articles about it to supplement their meagre income. What’s more the articles are outdated in less than a week.

Fuck JavaScript; APIs changes everyday a week and it’s documentation is updated every decade.

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    Good rant
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    What's wrong with React? It's simple enough compared to solutions that are trying to mimic the way things are done in the backend world (aka Angular). Of course it have a different mindset. But I already had the thought that the former was made complicated to justify having huge teams spending millions - and it's indeed used more in the corporate world.

    I had the same reaction with some librairies surrounding React though. But if you don't like it, nothing prevents you to use write your own library to handle routing, it's really not that complicated.
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    Beside, if you don't want to do Frontend, don't apply for frontend jobs. And honestly noone should accept doing week-long assignments without getting paid, as simple as that. No one should work for free. If you want to test me I'd be happy to give you a contract for one task at a reasonable rate.
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    You’re so wrong omg. You see the tendency and respond with emotions without actual facts.

    React is easy. They sorted out hella lot of things to make hooks possible and now it’s easy to manage the state. Graphql is also easy. You don’t need redux at all in 2020.
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    Well I kind of agree with you, most thing are over-complicated.

    But things like Redux are still there for a reason, it really does help in certain situations. It’s the fault of the hipster Frontend devs who insist on “needing this for every project”.

    Frontend is complicated in the sense of choosing right, not bragging that we can also use over engineered things.

    For example, I just wanna advertise on stencil now, but since it’s alpha, none of the APIs changed drastically, they all where minimal, non-breaking changes and I just upgraded an project from alpha 2 to the latest release and I did not touch any of my code for it.

    So everybody can do Frontend, but rarely can one do Frontend wisely. That’s why I get paid more than my backend devs, because I can make better decisions than “just using what’s cool and new now”.

    It’s partially also your fault to get lead in the wrong direction.
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    Git gud nab
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    same way I feel #greatRant 😂😂😂😂😂
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