I bet you didn’t

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    Source? otherwise not trusted
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    But where do all the calculators go?
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    There’s almost as much shit on the moon as in some people’s heads!
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    that's something informative
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    I couldn't believe it so I did some research and found out that submarines have sufficient buoyant properties to float and "fly" through water but their buoyancy is not large enough to overcome the very low particle density of earth's atmosphere. Airplanes on the other hand have physical properties that allow it to attain lift and overcome gravity by using a very aerodynamic shape and design to create an upwards force that exceeds that of the force of gravity. They must however maintain a high rate of speed in order to aquire sufficient lift to overcome gravity and fly. Because of the density and surface tension of water there is too much friction and resistance for an airplane to maintain a sufficient velocity to produce lift. Not to mention that the engines need air to be forced through them in order to produce thrust. Thus, airplanes sink in water while submarines are not capable of achieving flight through the air as previously stated.
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    @Olverine Air bender denier
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