Fuck me man I’m using angular now and I love it. I hate that I love it.

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    And I hate you for loving it. Try Vue ffs.
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    @ScriptCoded I’ve been using vue for years. Love it too! Enjoy Vuex more then redux by far
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    @dUcKtYpEd So what the fuck's your problem?
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    @ScriptCoded 🤣 I love spas.
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    Take a look at svelte. I haven't developed a full-blown spa on it yet, but based on my limited experience with it I think it's way cleaner than Vue. I used to love Vue, but now I love Svelte.
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    @neeno I’ve heard good things. Top of the benchmarks. Is it stable/production ready?
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    @dUcKtYpEd I think it is. If you're looking for SSR though you'll need to use Sapper, which isn't at 1.0 yet so I assume it's no production ready. It also doesn't play super nice with typescript, but it's possible to make it work.
    I have been using Svelte + Sapper + Typescript for a few weeks and it's really great. One thing it lacks is a proper "deep selector" for CSS, it has a :global selector but using that litters the global scope and I think it's pretty bad practice. I'd love to have something similar to Vue's >>>. Other than that, it's pretty great and you should definitely give it a try. It's very very easy and doesn't have a lot of boilerplate. The code also stays super clean.
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    I wanna learn vue somebody teach me pls
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    @neeno I can do without SSR. Sounds like my next thing to dive into
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    @scout it’s probably one of the only SPAS that you can pick up and one day with ease
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