Today my manager asked me about my research into using RabbitMQ as a backup in case Azure Service Bus ever goes down.

Me: "Good. The way we designed the framework, all we have to do is drop the DLLs into the directory, update the config, and the services will start using RabbitMQ."
Mgr: "Excellent. Probably should be looking into using RabbitMQ as a permanent replacement for Azure"
Me: "What? The whole reason we moved to Azure was to eliminate the problems with having an on prem service bus. Since we've switched, there has been zero downtime."
Mgr: "That's what VP-Joe is afraid of. If Azure ever goes down, he won't know how to explain Azure to the president as to why we're not taking orders or can't ship packages."
Me: "That makes no sense. What did VP-Joe tell the president when a database goes down or a server mis-configuration?"
Mgr: "President understands internal outages, its just the whole 'cloud' thing he doesn't understand."
Me: "Um..then VP-Joe needs to explain it to him?"
Mgr: "The decision has already been made. Are you on board? Lets look at this move as a cost savings."
Me: "You mean the $10 a month? How much hardware will we need to support RabbitMQ?"
Mgr: "Yea, nobody probably thought of that."
Me: "I'm on board with whatever decision, but I'd like a little more than VP-Joe being afraid of the president."
Mgr: "I'm sure its not being afraid."
Me: "..."
Mgr: "OK, lets wait and see if VP-Joe forgets about this and moves on to something new."

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    Actually, you helped your manager there lol
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    That's how it goes. When someone wants the team to buy into something they start with small steps. "Let's just make a proof and concept and discuss the findings" they say. Next thing you know RabbitMQPoc.dll is running in production
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    Wow it looks like you(re on your way to converting them

    That's not easy dude I'm impressed
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    I love it when some higher managers get these micromanagerial spells.

    "Heyy! VP of another company just told me that capital letters in file names are bad. We need to start a project to get rid of them!"

    "Heyy! While sitting on my golden toilet I read about this new FooBar version control system. Now, I don't know what version control is but I wrote new orders to use it immediately and also I hired a summer trainee to write corporate level mandatory practices for it!"

    And then you just do absolutely nothing, wait for a week or two, the guy forgets his previous whim and gets a new one.

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