CSS quick maffs

<button data-unread-count=“10”>Chat</button>

button::after { content: attr(data-unread-count); }

That’s how you do unread messages badge and many things more

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    Or... Just <?php print $unreadCount; ?> Within a span you style.
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    @theMaintainer yes but heavier dom then. You conveniently dropped the implementation to prove your point, an expected move from a php guy
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    I can set “abc” as unread count though
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    @010001111 yes, HTML doesn’t have static typing when it comes to printed out values. Some attributes have kind of type checking though
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    @uyouthe lol I take you're the type of dev who overthinks even the simplest of tasks.
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    @theMaintainer lol I got product of the day for an html file with 6 lines of js, of course I’m always overthinking and pathologically can’t deliver a simple solution that is just good enough, of course
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