I really like the details disclosure element:


I've heard there's some accessibility concerns, but man I really like it...

I kinda wish HTML had more every day kinda functions built in. Yeah it's not hard to build these make them modular in your own code, but it would be nice if HTML had some of them standard.

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    Seriously, what is wrong with javascript? You can literally do this with just a div and a short script.


    It is a cool tag though.
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    @Demolishun The less JS required, the better.
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    @Demolishun Why use a few lines of JavaScript when 0 are possible?

    - - -

    Btw. The details tag can also be used in Github's markdown, e.g. to include log output in issues.
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    @Demolishun nothing wrong with doing it in JS.

    I just feel like HTML kinda got left behind as a sort of 'make a basic poster' and it could really use some somewhat more advanced / standard / built in abilities.

    Be nice just to do some of that just in HTML without JS... well without JS for that.
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