Studying and working at tge same time is hard. I woke up before seven, spend 6 hours studying for exam I have tomorrow, now I'm going to office, and when I get back at 7pm I have to finish project for tomorrow and study some more for exam. Hate days like this one

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    How much hours do you work?
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    I need to be at company in three days a week, around 16-20 hours. Rest of the work I'm doing remotely. It's getting difficult, when the exams starts - so around November and January - because I manage with weekly projects, but additional time for studying is problematic.
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    I know the felling. I work 34 hours a week. Have to work at college stuff when I get home and find time to plsy with my daugther. It is tuff but I know I am on the right track.
    Don't give up
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