Why do a lot of devs use or want to use dual monitor setups

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    Space to multitask.
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    Most humans can sense electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum of visible light with two eyes.
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    More space for everything I need open, a single screen is not enough, dual is dropbearable, 3 is ideal but a 4th 🤤

    A normal day for me:
    MS teams
    Mobaxterm with up to 6 connections
    VsCode x 2 or 3 instances
    Chrome x 3 windows usually
    Excel x "N" windows for the day
    MS Visio
    File Explorer
    Virtualbox, mostly headless but for when I need desktop I need a window open.
    Windows Remote Desktop
    Internal Applications
    S3 Browser


    Sadly, my day can jump between some or all of the above, more screen realestate = less I have to find.
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    To my knowledge the only time Bill Gates lead the way was when he promoted a 3 screen setup long ago. Or showed of his own is was he did I guess.
    I am with him all the way there.
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    Multitasking man 👌🏻
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    I don’t know man. I use one 12” monitor for everything and it works fine. I tried double monitor setup, two LG OptiFine, and felt no improvement at all, only the pain and decrease in productivity.

    But your eye situation may be different
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    Its many times a personal option but also depends on what you are doing.

    If I develop a website and want to debug I prefer to be able to see both the webpage and the debugger side by side, and often, if a database is involved I have that on a third monitor do check that the right fields is set.

    Other times I use slack calls on one monitor while having reference material on another.

    But I know some prefer just one and switching between
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    I don't want dual setup. I want triple, or if I could wish for anything, quadruple...
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    @ScriptCoded why two eyes when you can just be a huge spherical eye that sweats tears instead of just producing tears regularly and be encapsulated in an even more huge spherical monitor
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    @uyouthe Because of so many reasons... 😂
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    It’s screen real estate
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    Too many people here seem to not know about large screens. Or just love bezels in the middle of their field of view.
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    Netflix on one screen... vim, slack, Google, Jira, notion, Gmail, calendar on the other.
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    @deadlyRants been using a super wide curved screen.

    I hated it. No flexibility. You need extra software. hard to move. you can’t rotate them 90deg to read a large doc, not cheap if you require color accuracy, or low latency, or high refresh rates, usually not cheaper than 3 specific monitors.

    And overall most still have shitty bezels that cut off pixels when you don’t sit properly in front of them

    Don’t get me started on 4K tv’s as screens, I don’t want to break my neck
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    @deadlyRants you stop seeing the bezels after a while.
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    @uyouthe how would you apply a good makeup to that 😱
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    @Voxera makeup is temporary but a mega eye is n o w
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    dual monitor setup is good for multitasking stuff, single monitor setup is good for focusing on one thing. I do use both setups, depending on what my situation is. For work i always have two monitors, because i need to have a short response time there, but when i do art related stuff, i don't want to be distracted at all (therefore i usually use one display, except sometimes, when working with direct reference).

    in the end it's personal preference, as @Voxera already mentioned. Use how many Monitors you feel comfortable with.
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    I like it for doing work on desktop versions of sites, super-wide media query stuff. It’s useful to have your developer tools on one screen and your view on the other, not so crammed.
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