I'm sure this has probably been posted before, but it never fails to drive me nuts, and customers never stop doing it, so:

Why do end users think "it's broken" is all they have to put into the support ticket?

It's a web app, not a goddamn pretzel.

If the turn signal on your car stops working, do you drop your car off at the mechanic, hand them the keys, and say "its broken, fix it!"?

While I'm on the topic, "I tried to do {x} and it gave an error" is better than "its broken", but still: why do you think what the actual error says would be completely irrelevant, especially when we put in the effort to give you relatively meaningful error messages?

I mean, is "there was a problem sending the email" so utterly gibberish to you that it is indistinguishable from "error: 0x000351e6"?

If so, I'm sorry, but you're too stupid to use a goddamn computer!

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    Once our tester, internal tester from our team, reported to me the following "F12 is not working"
    I was like wtf and only answered "maybe your keyboard is broken" 😀
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    @peach1307 maybe they were trying holding the F10 key and the 2 key at the same time!
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    The comparison I suggest to clients when they do this sort of thing? I ask them how they would expect a doctor to react if they asked him to make them better but refused to tell him the symptoms. If they don't get it then there's probably no point in further discussion
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    @beofett haha maybe
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    We used to get tickets like that all the time. I just started closing them with could not duplicate. After I got yelled at by my boss, I explained why I closed them. Shortly thereafter, all tickets had steps to reproduce and typically some kind of screenshot.
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