Companies: We can’t find any senior developers to hire.

Also companies: We pay seniors like juniors.

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    also companies, we want a fresher with the experience of a Senior Developer!
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    They only like seniority in terms of their turn around time for a given task
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    Also companies: if the CV doesn't have all of the keywords, our shitty automated HR tool discards the application without anyone ever having read it.
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    Or juniors like seniors *thinking smiley*
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    Also companies: we have no work from home policy, because productivity depends entirely on the fear of being fired.
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    companies: don't you dare have a hole between your jobs, we will ignore your resume.
    Also companies: you should not include every job you did in your resume.
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    Also: we promote seniors to principals. We pay them 2 extra bonuses in each weight of monthly salary. But they have to give up one monthly salary in sum to achieve this...

    So you have fixed salary with 1/12 less Money before, but if business is good you get 2times bonus meaning 13/12 salary in year. if business is bad you have no bonus and your salary is less than befire your promotion (11/12 salary)
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    Well they looking for a super senior developer where they do not have budget even for junior developer
    And the worst thing is asking for silly features... ­čĄú
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