I’m from the UK, should I go freelance?

Last few weeks I’ve been feeling really bored with my job. Like mega fucking bored. It’s basically just meetings 7 hours a day, 4 hours planning and then 3 hours of talking about how everything didn’t get finish (I know. I keep saying it’s the fucking 7 hour fucking meetings).

Pay is pretty decent, we have a few juniors, not exactly great code base, kinda cool idea, pretty unique, business will defo work or be sold by corporate owners. (Start up owned by corporate)

I just feel really flat and bored. Mega bored. Keep wondering about going solo and being more of a consultancy or my own little agency? I’ve tried before but I suck at marketing and freelancer and similar sites never provided enough income.

I guess my questions are (if anyone wants to answer):
- What’s this new IR35 or whatever? Is it now pointless to be self employed?
- how would I boost my leads?
- should I do a bit of contracting to get used to it maybe?
- should I just stay where I am and deal with the feeling of not really feeling like I was hired to do anything?

I do also have a little side business I started that I could also work on whenever I have free time, it’s not taking any money at the moment though, early years I suppose?

I’m really sorry if anyone feels offended to read that I’m fucking bored and don’t have a clue what to do with myself. Please don’t reply with some sarccy comment. I really cba to have an internet keyboard troll fight about some stupid opinion we’ll all forget about in a few days. This now counts as a rant. So fuck you. It’s a rant. And I’m rant about the possibility you might comment on my post not bring a rant coz I can’t tell what category I’m posting on. I live in the 5th dimension. Deal. With. It. Or just ignore and scroll on 👍🏼

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    U should have a baby with a coworker
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    IR35 is just a tax scheme to allow HMRC to reduce corporate tendency to use under the table work for national insurance tax avoidance (as well as dividend disbursement tax dodges). It's based on the US 1099, but has little bearing on anything other than how you price your services. Now that zero hour contracts are common, it's fairly toothless. If you were planning on paying normal employment taxes and national insurance anyways, it's zero sum. Check the HMRC docs on self employment, filings and adjust your rate to allow for what you'll be paying extra.

    I would put out feelers of switching to another gig, personally. Freelancing in the UK doesn't sound like fun to me, but you might like it. You could also just slack off a little if it's not challenging you and use some of the time to broaden your skillset.

    The world is your oyster, as they say. Whoever they are.
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    If you're up for adventure you've got 3-4 months left to move freely to another european country.
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    Yes you should
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