I'm so god damn sick of unattended upgrades and OS updates. I've switched from Ubuntu to NixOS for a few months now already and it's the greatest thing I've ever done, because it's declarative, it's rational and it's fast. Unfortunately today I had to switch back to Ubuntu for the day, because I don't have my main laptop with me and now I remember why I hate this OS. This piece of shit garbage keeps running unattended upgrades updates when I'm doing busy work. Like I'm writing my Jenkinsfiles and sitting in work meetings and then suddenly a fucking unattended upgrade eats 100% CPU and turns my friendly laptop into a jet turbine :(((

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    Ise debian or pop os or fedora
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    I also have a burning hate for Ubuntu.
    The next time, I reinstalle my tower, it's gonna be something Arch-based.
    My laptop runs Void-musl for quite a while now.
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    Why don't you just change the update settings in Ubuntu?
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    Apt preferences and disabling systemd timers.
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    @Fast-Nop Every problem can be solved, nothing is insolvable. I just hate that I even have to think about such problems. I never thought about such problems on OSX, they just do a prompt "Do you want to upgrade" and it's my responsibility to schedule it. Ubuntu just bends me over and says:"Here, have some upgrades in the middle of business hours. :/"
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    @lielazive That's just the default setting. You will never find a default that's fine for everyone because it's always a trade-off. That's why it's configurable.

    Just go into the update manager and change it as you like. You don't even need to fuck around with the command line.
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    @Fast-Nop true, but NixOS is made specifically to have rock solid, stable, reproducible OS distributions. Ubuntu does it as a config option, NixOS does it as a core feature with way more stuff than just "don't update plz".
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