What I hate the most.
Someone that always touching my screen and leaving their fingerprint.

And someone move my laptop without raise it, make the rubber on the bottom of my leptop fell off.

Anyone have solution for this kind of problem.?

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    Screw the laptop down to the desk. Make sure to not drive the screw through the motherboard, as that would make the laptop sigificantly less useful.
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    Put a hentai girl sticker on your laptop screen saying, "Yes, touch me, senpai.."
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    @gronostaj nice idea, what size of screw that good for my laptop..
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    soak it in botulinum toxin?
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    Super glue?
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    You can try a contact alarm (like those magnetic ones we can place on windows) if someone moves the laptop the alarm goes off (pick one with a switch)
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    You could try cleaning your monitor every time someone touches it. That way they light understand the pain/time wasting.

    Regarding the second issue, just don't give your laptop to them. You live it by yourself if needed.

    PS: It helps to tell them about the issue too
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    @rutee07 that didn’t get the expected results
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    @Bubbles Tell me every detail of what happened.
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    @rutee07 anybody that locked eyes with it wished to fuck it
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    @Bubbles And did they? How did you know?
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    @rutee07 there were attempts.. that uh were quite uh mind numbing
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    @rutee07 Of course they did. He wouldn't be there otherwise.
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