Almost everyone from one of my previous companies.

I had a manager who likes to "break" people and will do almost anything to humiliate and make someone cry especially if they're new. One time, she called us into the room while she's tearing down a new developer. No reason for us to be there aside from watch the poor man cry. It always has to be known that she is someone to be feared and things have to be done exactly her way, that she's only angry, controlling, and explosive because she cares so much. Abusive mother love intensifies.

The senior manager is obsessed with extra-curricular bullshit that she actually gets furious when new hires don't participate or win dancing competitions. Yes, dancing competitions. Also, costume parties. The only time they left me alone was when I made multi-colored cookies for the children visiting during a Halloween party. I would have poisoned them if those kids weren't there.

The way mentors are picked out for each new junior developer is by having them perform (sing, dance, act, whatever) and the old members choosing whose performance they like the most. Introverts and people who still have their senses that don't want to participate are immediately demonized as "not a team player".

The amazing pregnant HR who decided to hate me for no fucking reason but treated my colleague very well. Rushed me for requirements when they already rushed my start date and know I only had a weekend to process them and all government offices are closed. Gave zero directions and then blew up when I didn't manage to read her mind. Another HR had to chime into one of our email threads because the bitch is crazy. After she has given birth, she's all nice and sweet to me but all I see is a monster.

People dump their dirty dishes in the pantry's sink and sometimes leave the toilet floor wet where it shouldn't be (far off the bowl). Some motherfucker forgot his lunch in the locker, brought it in the workspace, and kept sniffing it minutes after people have complained that the shit's already expired.

Most members are obsessed with people's salaries. There was a time when I printed my papers for the training visa. We are all required to do this and the way our printers are setup at work is messed up so those documents have to be put in the shared drive first before getting printed. There's a small window between the time it's printed and the time I delete it but they still managed to peek into how much I earn. I always get that "you earn so much, more than us" thrown at my face like it's a bad or unfair thing and only in the third year did someone confess to looking at those documents without my knowledge.

Never-ending gossips and stalking employees' social media. Senior managers and managers join in the gossip and slander of their own employees.

That giant guy who likes to touch women's head hair (have to be specific) if he finds them attractive. The discrimination, man. Touch everyone and touch yourself the same way your uncle touched you in all the right places, you maniac.

People who are constantly bragging about overtimes and shaming those who leave on time.

And many more. I will never forget them.

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    I'm sorry what...?! My face hurts after so many facepalm.

    There's way too much in a single rant, love!
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    Wtf do you work at a daycare or something? How do companies like that manage to stay afloat?
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    @ars1 They lost their biggest client. It was awesome.
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    @ars1 nah this is pretty standard stuff
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    Somehow I feel so connected in some rants to some people - like in this case @rutee07 - that I would honestly like to teleport them somewhere on paid vacation for 6 weeks minimum.

    It's insane what some companies define as a work environment....
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    @IntrusionCM Take me! Hey, hey, teleport me!
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    @IntrusionCM Barbados! Maldives! Or some beach.
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    @rutee07 If I could I would.

    I'd really like to open a small hotel for few people. I'd call it "Genius looney bin". *hehehe*

    It's my retirement plan xD
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    @F1973 The giant guy? Maybe. Fortunately, our team was transferred to a different office.
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    @IntrusionCM Do we get discounts? If I'm 78% looney, I get 78% off?
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    @F1973 😆
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    To be honest, I like taking care of people.

    In my head it would be like camping with friends. Shared money pool for food, everyone cleans up their mess and as long as u don't piss me off, you can stay for free.
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    @IntrusionCM *sucks my thumb and looks at you with puppy eyes* Weally? Can we thwow the bodies in the campfwire?

    Just kidding. I know what you mean. I especially like cooking for other people until they start complaining hardcore and treat me like a slave, then I turn their faces into dart boards for my kitchen knives.
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    Oh God I can feel this . me too was in the same situation but then I changed my company and thank god I'm at least in good environment.
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    I would've quit in the first month if I worked there.
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    @iamai How's it going? Are they forcing you to come to the office now?
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    Hello @rutee07 nope, nobody goes back to work this year. You have to align to the manager and manager's manager and I don't know maybe even the manager's manager's manager just to get to office.

    I'm loving the part where the client who likes to do yearly visits is not able to come. I don't have to plan how to make him feel welcome and important. The logistics to bring him to and fro from office and plan what and where to eat lunch, snacks and dinner is just horrifying. I can feel my soul die. Last year he made several chats even sent me his ticket and hotel bookings and asked me what is his itinerary for the visit. I broke. So the manager outsourced that tasked to someone else, but that person is already in a different team. So this year the virus saved me. If only his first class ticket he could volunteer to add to my salary instead of flying here every year, maybe I'd be happier to see him. But on second thought, I'll still be way happier if he never visits.

    You made me rant! 🤗
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    @iamai Good to know. I'm glad there are no sing and dance performances to welcome him. :D
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    @rutee07 I'm done with that crap. Companies making the vibe like a college org. Multinational companies are the worst having different levels so you sing and dance on different occasions. New hires plan the team meetings theme, team meriendas, team dinners, team outings, and whatever gimmick to improve employee morale. Ugh! I signed up to learn from work not plan those nonsense. But I do have respect to those who do it. I mean they can stomach doing it and look happy so, salute for them.

    How's your situation?
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    @iamai Yeah, it seems to be common in our country especially with multinational companies. So much client worship and ass-kissing. My current company is also multinational but more mature so there wasn't any forced "oh, you're new, it's time to perform". The remote work also made it hard for managers to do random chit-chats. :D
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    You broke my colleague
    I broke your kneecaps
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